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Pet Care Rates

North Boulder Special  Three home visits per day for 5% off the regular rate!

If you are located within 1 mile of our office I'll be happy to visit your pet(s) three times a day for this reduced rate. I find this works well for those of you who prefer to keep your pets at home while you're away but may not want another human moving in.  Pets get visits in the early morning, afternoon, and late evening to ensure they get plenty of loving and remain comfortable both day and night.

(Offer not valid during July, August, or December.)

Pet Taxi -
Rates vary, please ask!

Dog Walks and/or Interactive Playtime - 

I am happy to start your pet's walk or playtime at your home or office, or take them to a favorite trail, dog park, or open space area.

1/2 hour:        $21  (up to two dogs)        +$6 for each additional dog
1 hour:           $31  (up to two dogs)

* 5% disc available for long-term clients scheduling 5 or more walks/visits per week.

Dog Jogs - (no walking here!)

Half hour dog jogs will start at or near pick-up point (approximately 25 mins. actual jogging time).  Hour jogs will include transportation to and from a nearby trail (approximately 45-50 mins. of actual jogging time). A great way to get your pup the exercise he or she needs each day!

1/2 hour:        $26 (one dog)                  +$6 for each additional dog
1 hour:           $36 (one dog)

Home Visits -

Home visits can include a short walk, interactive playtime, cuddling, brushing, custom meal preparation, or special requests from the client as well as "the basics" such as feeding, fresh water, potty breaks, litter box maintenance, and administering needed medications.  I also include mail/newspaper pickup, light/blind rotation, and general check of premises at client's request.

1/2 hour:            $21 (one to three pets)
45 mins. :          $26 (one to five pets)
1 hour:               $31 (one to "a whole lot of pets")

Pet Sitting/House Sitting Combo - 

I am also available to stay in your home overnight when you are away to accommodate those animals who do best in a stable environment and routine.  My standard fee includes taking care of your home and up to four pets from approximately 6 pm. until 6 am. the next day.  For an additional $18 I will be happy to include a mid-day visit and/or walk.

Overnights:      $58 (special rate for one pet only)
                          $68 (up to four pets)  + $10 each additional animal

* All prices subject to change. Surcharges may apply.
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